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TTRPGkids at Fan Expo Dallas!

From June 17 through June 19, I’m going to be at Fan Expo Dallas running games for kids and talking about TTRPG’s! Check out coverage below, and find the awesome intro that D20Tales put together for the TTRPGkids portion of the event here!

The TTRPGkids schedule for this weekend:

6/19 (Sunday):

  • 11:00-12:45 – Join us for a TTRPGkids talk!
    • TTRPGkids talk on making TTRPG’s accessible to kids
    • Live play of StoryGuider with all kids there!
    • Stick around for giveaways of both StoryGuider and DnD Adventure Club
  • 1:00 – 4:00 – Games with kids!
    • Stop by the Tabletop Games and Tournaments area! (take the stairs near the kids area down one floor)
    • We’re running games of StoryGuider (ages 2+) and DnD Adventure Club (ages 8+)

Also, check out D20 Tales! I’m here with D20 Tales, and they are an awesome group! They are thinking of branching into kid-friendly podcasts in the future, however, just a heads up if you go take a listen, it is a podcast for the grown ups, so check it out before playing in front of kiddos. They have live plays and panels scheduled through the whole weekend and are running games for kids with me as well!

Prep time!

To get ready, I made a ton of crayon packs and stickers (instead of business cards) and coloring sheets for the event! It took a while to prep, but it is oh so satisfying to see it all lined up like this!

June 17: Arrival and Day 1!

12:00 – I just arrived!! I’m hanging out with D20Tales before heading to the convention for the first day!

3:00 – At the convention hall, and this place is huge! We’re setting up for the D20 Tales show and I’m poking around a bit to see where everything is before the main doors open.

5:30 – The first D20 Tales show started, and it went really well! Everyone from D20Tales did a great job, and the crowd was really into rolling the giant inflatable dice and playing as the attacking army.

9:00ish – We’re all back at the AirBnB reviewing the game from today and planning for tomorrow… while playing some games (Werewolf was defintiely brought out).

June 18: Checking out shows and celebs on Day 2!

11:30 – Caught a D20Tales chat about finding and honing your players; they covered using safety tools and session zero, how to discuss with players in disagreements, and how to find a good table to play with!

1:30 – Checked out an awesome panel on Queer Representation in comics, graphic novels, and YA novels hosted by Geeks Out!

2:40 – Did a virtual photo op with Levar Burton!!! I grew up on Reading Rainbow and Star Trek (Geordi was one of my favorites). Reading Rainbow was a HUGE influence on TTRPGkids, so I was SUPER excited!!

3:30 – Watched session 2 of the D20Tales live show! The audience is growing each presentation despite competing on times with the Stranger Things panel, and they were super into rolling the giant dice… to take out the players instead of the monster! They had a change of heart at the end, but it took a bit (and lots of laughs)!

June 19: TTRPGkids events on Day 3!

Today was the day for all the TTRPGkids events!

I presented to families about gaming with kids and ran both StoryGuider and DnD Adventure Club modules to introduce kids to TTRPG’s for the first time! We passed out ALL of the adventure guides, stickers, and crayons that I had brought, and it was GREAT getting to facilitate first time TTRPG’s for kids, and share that with families, and I am very excited for doing this all again at future comic cons!