TTRPG and D&D themed storybooks for your young adventurer

Want to get your young kids into reading and introduce some TTRPG themes to them at the same time? Check out this list that’s all about storybooks (not game books) that feature RPG themes and let kids gain some reading XP!

TTRPG and D&D inspired storybooks that I’ve read with my kid (5yo)

So You Want to Be a….

The So You Want to Be a… series is a collection of books that pairs with the Questlings tabletop RPG!  You can read about how you can channel your favorite character class in real life and see your inner hero from the game shine through!  These books are great picture + story books for young readers, and, because they directly pair with a TTRPG system that’s made for kids, they’re also great as a soft intro to tabletop RPGs!

My Dad the Game Master

My Dad the Game Master is a fun picture book story about a girl sharing her insights on what it means to live with her game master dad.  From finding treasures like his shiny dice and minis to making creative bedtime stories, this book covers all the wonderful and weird parts of living with a tabletop roleplaying gamer dad.  This is a great one for gamer parents to poke a little fun at themselves and share what makes them special with their kids!

Finding Familiars

The Familiar Finders is a set of books designed for kids to imagine a fantastic hidden world filled with creatures that have a magical form AND to journal about it!  This book combo encourages kids to go out in nature and imagine the world of the familiars, kind of like a storybook that leads into a journaling LARP (live action roleplay) adventure! 

Kittens & Dragons

Kittens & Dragons from Van Ryder Games is a graphic novel choose-your-own-adventure (CYOA) style story that uses search-and-find mechanics instead of dice!  It’s great for running solo or with your kids for a good read, a fun game, and a wonderful adventure! This is also really good as an intro to TTRPGs – it walks the line between a book and a game, so it could be more familiar to kids who haven’t played a TTRPG before than jumping into a full new game.

ABCs of D&D

The ABCs of D&D is a fun way for us tabletop gamers to start sharing our hobby with our kids and teach about the ABCs!  I received this book as a gift from a good friend after kiddo (now 4yo) was born, and we’ve read it many times since.  This one is particularly great for really young readers who are learning ABCs and as a very easy intro to some of the TTRPG terms that they may be hearing from their gamer guardians.

TTRPG and D&D inspired storybook recommendations from others

For other recommendations, let me know what you’d recommend to check out! There’s a lot of TTRPGs out there, and I’m looking for ones that are specifically honing in on that all-ages friendly books that younger readers can engage in or that families can read together before bedtime. If you have a suggestion for a book to check out, let me know in the comments, fill out the form here, or email so I can take a look and add it to this section!

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