Bundle Alert! Lunch Break RPG Bundle has over 20 kid-friendly TTRPGs!

For the next few weeks, check out the Lunch Break Bundle for short RPGs that you can play during a lunch break! Many of the games included are kid-friendly, and this can be a great opportunity to try out lots of different stories and mechanics for one bundled price!

Disclaimer: I am highlighting the kid-friendly games in this bundle, however not every game in the bundle is kid-friendly, so please review accordingly before sharing the whole bundle with kids. Evaluation of the kid-friendliness of each game comes from a combination of game description and author testimony.

You can find the Lunch Break RPG bundle by Sprinting Owl here, which contains 62 games for $25!

The kid-friendly games in the bundle include:

  • Oh, Bother
  • Gadgets & Gizmos Aplenty
  • Enchanted Blend
  • Familiaritea
  • Polyhedral Garden
  • Ding! Fries are Done!
  • Candy Royale!
  • Congrats Cafe
  • Slice & Serve
  • Mystery Snacks (by TTRPGkids)
  • Star Scouts
  • Skyships & Summons
  • Ad Punctum
  • Wordle Wizard
  • Adventurer’s Respite
  • ImproVeto
  • Spoons
  • I Know How to Free Them
  • Final Lap
  • Heart Home
  • Messages at Sunset
  • Shopkeeper Showdown
  • Shopkeeper Showdown, now more RPG-ier
  • Inspiration Arcanum
  • Gull Squad
  • _____ Would Not Say That!

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