Help us get our EDU TTRPG talks at SXSW EDU!

Earlier this year, I was part of a group of awesome educators and presenters who brought two events EDU TTRPG events to SXSW EDU. We now have four proposals in for this year and need your help voting to get them approved AND to help get more educators interested in and informed about using TTRPGs in class!
From left to right: Steph, Michael, Chris, and Maryanne

In March 2023, I teamed up with Michael Low, Maryanne Cullinan, and Chris Hopper to go to SXSW EDU where we presented both a panel and a workshop focused on educational TTRPGs.

For 2024, we’re submitting four events between us! However, to get approved, we need YOUR help voting them in.

Based on the response that we recieved during and after our presentations last year, we know that events like these have a massive impact on educator interest in TTRPGs and with showcasing how truly beneficial TTRPGs can be in education and with students. If you can take a few moments to vote on the panels below, it would go a long way in helping to further our outreach on educational TTRPGs!

Vote for Event #1: How to Role-Play: A Live Actual Play with Stories RPG!

Join the Stories RPG team (Michael Low and Dan Hines) with special guests, Chris Hopper from Lone Star Learning and Steph from TTRPGkids for an actual play TTRPG demo of Stories RPG!

Vote for Event #2: Teaching Engineering Problem Solving Through TTRPGs

Presented by Steph from TTRPGkids, this talk will focus on how to use TTRPGs to practice and connect students with the Engineering Problem Solving Process in a way that is fun, engaging, and meaningful.

Vote for Event #3: How to Teach Writing with RPGs

Presented by Michael Low from Luck of Legends AND the teachers who are using his materials in their classrooms, this talk covers how TTRPGs can be a catalyst for students to want to write and develop their literacy skills.

Vote for Event #4: Making Homeroom a Home

Presented by Maryanne Cullinan and Ellen Kidd, this talk gets into how to turn your school homeroom into a collaborative group that enriches a student’s experiences, builds friendships, and feels like a community.

Thank you for checking these panels out, and stay up to date on if we’re selected by signing up for the TTRPGkids monthly newsletter of following along on social media!

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