Interview With the Kiddo from TTRPGkids!

This is a special interview that I conducted with my kiddo! He’s almost 5 years old at the time of the interview, and he shares here some of his favorite game characters, what he thinks TTRPGkids is, and gives advice for anyone else wanting to play a TTRPG!

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

My name is [kiddo].

I am FIVE YEARS OLD!  No.  I am FOUR YEARS OLD, but it’s my birthday soon.  How long until my birthday?


YES.  And there’s cake! [does a bit of a happy dance and sings “Happy Birthday to me”]

What else do you want to tell me about yourself?

I like cake and Spider-Man and dice and fireworks.  I also go to pre-k and have friends and we all do playing and learning stuff there, and it’s fun even if sometimes I really don’t like that they have nap time.  I talk to them about Spider-Man and Luigi SO MUCH.  [holds hands out REALLY BIG!] 

Do you play tabletop RPGs?  

What’s that?

That’s the games we play where you tell me what your character does.

Oh yeah that.  YES!  It sounds like tabletop PJs though.

You can’t wear a game though!

But we have dice shirts!  We just need dice pants!!

Good point!

Can I get dice pants for my birthday?

What’s your favorite character that you play?

Um… probably all of the them.  There was the wizard and a mouse… actually like three mouse ones… and lots of cats!  And Spider-Man!

I think there’s some more, but I forgot.

What’s your favorite in-game moment?

Casting spells is fun!

That is pretty fun!  Do you like waving your arms or pen around to cast spells?

YES!  [proceeds to show me and casts the “phsew FIREWORKS” spell]

Ooooo ahhh!!  What kind of fireworks are they?

Blue and red ones for Spider-Man!


Is there a particular story or thing that you’ve done that you liked?  Like when you tricked the opossums in our last game?

I liked ALL OF THEM!

If you had to pick one though, what would you tell people about?

Hmmmmm…. Kitty of Socks.  Booey ate a big seed that she thought was food and made her giant and The Kitty of Socks had to trap her until she digested it!

That was after we read the human body book, right?


Can you tell me about TTRPGkids?

It’s a game thing that mommy makes!   That’s the one where mommy drew the dragon!

Yep!  Kind of!  I make some of the games we play and I also help other people learn about playing games with kids.

You’re a teacher!


Where’s the classroom though?

It’s on the computer – I write about some of the games that we play so people can find out if they want to try them, and I talk about some of the cool stuff I learned from playing games with you.

You learn stuff from me?!

All the time buddy! Are you OK with me teaching other people about our games?

Yeah, that’s OK, but I’m a teacher too because I know A LOT of stuff about rolling dice and can make really good Spider-Man characters, and I can teach people about other stuff like you need to add chocolate to smoothies and not get close to the campfire and how to count.

Since you’re a teacher too, what advice do you have for people who want to start playing tabletop RPGs like we do?

I don’t know… like… just play the game?

[me trying not to laugh at his flip to total sass] That is good advice!  What if they don’t know how to play it or they’re worried it will be hard?  What should they do?

They should still try it out to see if it’s actually too hard before just saying it is because they don’t actually know.

I gotcha – kind of like when we try a new food to see if we like it before saying we don’t like it?


And why play the game in the first place?  What’s the good part of it?

Well… I like the games because they’re fun and I get to pick what Spider-Man or like a cat does so other kids might like it too.  Even if they don’t pick Spider-Man or The Kitty of Socks, they can still have fun with other characters.

Thank you kiddo for talking to us about TTRPGs!!

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