2023 ENNIES voting live 7/14 – 7/23! Summary of TTRPGkids for Online Content nomination and summary of Family Games nominees

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TTRPGkids nomination for Best Online Content

TTRPGkids is a resource for families, creators, teachers, and everyone in between who want to find youth-friendly TTRPGs and youth-focused TTRPG resources.

I have published ~300 articles in the past 2.5 years covering everything from reviews and interviews to original educational support materials and creator resources while showcasing the work of over 100 indie projects free to the creators.

My hope is that TTRPGkids can be a tool that facilitates more TTRPG friend groups for kids, gets families to find a common interest and take time together, supports dedicated teachers with research and XP needed for their classes, and is a positive force for the youth-focused TTRPG space.

Please check out the other nominees in the Online Content Category to give fair consideration to their hard work too, and make sure to vote! Thank you for stopping by!

ENNIES Family Games category

Below is a short summary of all the nominees in the Family Games category so you can review them in one spot and make an informed decision for your vote!

Color My Quest from Dice Up Games

Color My Quest is a coloring book based TTRPG that’s designed for players ages 4+. It involves coloring, cutting, and creativity while using it’s very easy to track rules-lite system. There are several adventure supplements available so you have a variety of wonderful pre-made stories to choose from. I’ve played and reviewed Color My Quest before, and you can find the whole TTRPGkids review here (along with some coloring handiwork from our game).

Princess Guard from Amalara Game Studio

This rules-lite TTRPG for ages 6+ promotes teamwork, sets itself up for manageable story arcs (called missions), and contains a list of diverse and wonderfully illustrated NPCs and plothooks to start your adventures. Princess Guard is another game that I’ve played, and you can find my full review here.

Horseshoe Academy from 9th Level Games

Horseshoe Academy is a youth-accessible TTRPG running on the polymorph system where you, as your horse character, navigate your way through school to learn magic, make friends, and trot your own path. It’s compatible with The Excellents, and it looks absolutely AWESOME!

The Goblings from Slowquest

In Goblings, you play as a newly spawned goblin and set out on your adventure to discover the world! Goblings is 5e compatible and comes with maps, tokens, premade adventures, and more… in addition to the wonderful interpretation of goblins in the art found throughout the book.

Avatar Legends from Magpie Games

Avatar Legends is the TTRPG interpretation of the world from Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra. It is a PBtA system that features known characters and familiar lands but with the addition of your own characters and stories as you explore the world more deeply. It also has several supplements and adventures to add to your games and captures the vibe of the amazing series.

Where to vote for the ENNIES

To vote for the ENNIES, simply visit the Best Online Content voting page here and vote (1 = 1st, 2=2nd, and make sure to submit at the bottom of the page)! It should only take a a few seconds to cast your vote. For the link to general voting for the ENnies, including the Family Game category, check here!

Note that if you are voting in the same workplace or household as another voter, it will only allow one vote per IP address, so you may want to try voting through your phone data or another connection if you have multiple people in the same household who want to participate. And follow the rule for 1 person = 1 vote!

If you don’t feel comfortable voting for all of the categories because you aren’t familiar with all the projects listed, you can skip the categories you don’t know and still vote for the ones that you do know. It still counts the votes that you did submit.

Thank you!

Thank you for taking a look at TTRPGkids, reading more about the family friendly category, and/or casting a vote in the ENNIES! I hope this answered any questions you’ve had about the nominees above and that you can come back to TTRPGkids the next time you’re looking into youth-focused games.

This has already been a wild ride that I am very grateful for, and I hope to see you all at GenCon! Until then… happy gaming!

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