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TTRPGkids archive dive – looking back on December 2021

Come take a look back on the cool tabletop RPGs for kids, interviews, articles and more from TTRPGkids in October 2021!

Reviews: Trouble at Santa’s Workshop, Whispers of the Voidbringer, and Ispirisles

In December of 2021, I reviewed Trouble at Santa’s Workshop, a fun, rules-lite Christmas themed game for all-ages that went over SO WELL with my whole family! We got into some fun candy cane and sleigh ride shenanigans with that one! I also reviewed Whispers of the Voidbringer, a chapter book that follow the tabletop RPG adventure of three siblings’ game characters as the kids are learning how to play the game together! Closing out the year, I reviewed Inspirisles too! It’s a beautifully illustrated tabletop RPG that teaches sign language as you play and offers a bright and colorful world to explore on your adventures!

Inspirisles - a tabletop RPG for teaching sign language to teens

Interview with Michael Low from Luck of Legends!

I had the chance to meet Michael Low through my December interview spot, and since then, we’ve chatted several times about our love of tabletop RPGs. I’ve had a lot of fun trying out his games and have seen him continue to run classes, publish some awesome stories, and successfully run a kickstarter! Next year, we’re also going to be presenting at SXSW together!

Luck of Legends - TTRPG classes - logo

Tips and Tricks for board games AND where to find TTRPGkids collabs!

I released a tips and tricks article that’s all about turning your board games into RPG time! It gives advice on adding RP elements to any game to make it a little more interesting, engaging, or just different. I also started keeping track of my collaborations and guest spots with other creators – since the list came out, I’ve had to add quite a bit to it, which is great! It’s been amazing getting to work with so many people in the TTRPG community.

TTRPGkids games: Solar Mech Squad and The Betti the Yeti Trilogy!

Solar Mech Squad!

For my games, I released Solar Mech Squad, a solarpunk tabletop RPG, as part of the Caltrop Core Game Jam – it focuses on problem solving, teamwork, and using giant robot mech suits to save the environment! For younger kids, there’s also The Betti the Yeti trilogy which is made for pre-K kids and teaches about social emotional concepts through guided play while meeting a friendly (but shy) yeti who figures out the importance of friends and self care.

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