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6 silly goblin games to play with kids!

Check out here for some fun and silly goblin-themed tabletop RPGs that you can play with kids!

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Goblin themed tabletop RPGs for kids!

I made this list (along with others) so you could find some awesome tabletop RPGs that fit your kid’s particular interests! If you’re here, you were probably looking up cute goblin themed tabletop games or RPGs for kids, and I hope this list gives you some options to choose from without having to dig around to find them. For any games that I’ve played myself, check under the TTRPGkids posts columns to get links to reviews and more information!

Making suggestions for this goblin themed games list

If you have a recommendation for a game to add, please let me know through the TTRPGkids contact form so I can consider adding it to this list! Please include how the game is appropriate for kids, if you’ve played it before, and any other info about the game that you feel would be relevant.  I’ll be adding to this list as I come across more kid-focused and kid-friendly games as well, so stay tuned!

6 silly goblin-themed tabletop RPGs for kids (and one bonus kobold game)!

For smaller screens: Make sure to scroll right to get all the information on these kid-friendly tabletop RPG podcasts !
Find a copyTTRPGkids
Adorablinsall agesDriveThrureview
cards and 2d6
Stacks of Goblinsall agesitchioreviewd12 system
The Goblingsall agesDriveThruRPGreviewd20 system
Adventure with Mukall agesDM's guildactivity book
Goblin Quest7+itchio
Goblin Cleaning Crewall agesitchiounclear
Goblin Errandsall agesDriveThru
BONUS: Koboldly Go8+itchio

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