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TTRPGkids archive dive – Looking back on August 2021

Come take a look back on the cool tabletop RPGs for kids, interviews, articles and more from TTRPGkids in August 2021!

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Game reviews: FlipTales and Magic Rat

In August 2021, my family tried out FlipTales, a no-dice tabletop RPG based on flipping coins, and Magic Rat, an imaginative and rules-lite game about a magical critters! Both were awesome games in their own way. FlipTales gave us a totally different mechanic to try out along with awesome characters to play and Magic Rat helped us practice perspective taking and magical creativity!

character from world of wyldrvir, a non-combat tabletop RPG

Interview with Bee from World of Wyldrvir

I also had a chat with Bee, one of the creators of World of Wyldrvir, to talk about non-combat tabletop RPGs and improved character creation! We also talked about some upcoming projects in the land of Wyldrvir, and since then, the team has come out with a new high seas expansion!

Tips and tricks: Sam, the Educational DM and keeping kids interested in the game

August 2021 also featured the first guest article on TTRPGkids, courtesy of Sam, The Educational DM! His advice on playing tabletop RPGs with kids stems from his experiences using these games with his classes, and it is invaluable for new game facilitators! Alongside that advice, I also released some tips on how to keep kids focused on the game while playing, which can be a bit challenging, especially with a 3 year old!

TTRPGkids no dice game system: Magical Mayhem in a Mug

magical mayhem in a mug, a tabletop no dice tabletop RPG for all ages

I also came out with a new system around this time – Magical Mayhem in a Mug is a no-dice game that doesn’t require any reading or math but introduces probability manipulation as you build up a mug full of tokens focused on different types of magic! I had intended to write adventures for Magical Mayhem in a Mug but got a bit occupied keeping up with the weekly pre-k StoryGuider curriculum, however, this school year, I have big plans for a variation on this system and some focused educational content, so stay tuned!

And there’s our recap from August 2021! I’ve got lots to kick off for September 2022, and thank you for checking it all out! If you’re finding the blog helpful or have any suggestions for articles, please let me know below in the comments, and make sure to subscribe to the TTRPGkids monthly newsletter to stay up to date on the latest reviewstips and tricksgame and podcast list updates, and more! Thank you for playing tabletop RPGs with your kids and sharing this awesome hobby with the next generation!

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