Games made by TTRPGkids: Magical Mayhem in a Mug!

Magical Mayhem in a Mug is a probability building table top role playing game (TTRPG) designed to be played with all ages – from kids who cannot read yet to adults who just want a fun, rule-lite game system.  I hope you can try it out and enjoy!

I designed Magical Mayhem in a Mug! to help give an alternative system to using dice for TTRPG’s and to give an easy and “just complex enough” system to introduce some strategy and game mechanics understanding to my toddler beyond our usual storytelling time. It is intended to be a an easy first system for kid or a quick pick up system for all-ages (including adults).

As a note for playing with really young kids (ages 3-5): this game was designed to be inclusive with small children.  It does not require reading abilities by the players as long as the story leader can explain the rules. There are also no dice, just pieces of paper, as the randomization tool, so no worries about choking hazards or chasing dice that kids tend to throw instead of roll.

In this system, you will be using a mug (or cup or other container) full of printed tokens that you choose and build up over time as you win challenges and get closer to your ultimate goals!  

By building up your mix of tokens, you increase your chances of pulling up matches or boosts so you can unleash increasingly powerful elemental magic to overcome obstacles, defeat enemies, or just having fun messing around in a world that you create.

This module establishes the core mechanics so you can make your own stories, similar to other TTRPG systems.  For premade adventures and additional variations of the game, stay tuned! For now though, you can create your own stories and adjust them however you want – I have mechanics for combat AND for non-combat challenges depending on what you want to introduce to your group.

Please check the game out here and let me know what you think! I hope you, your kids/class, and your family/friends enjoy the game!

2 thoughts on “Games made by TTRPGkids: Magical Mayhem in a Mug!

  1. I bought everything you’ve put out on so far. This is the only one I haven’t played with my kids yet. The other ones kept them engaged and they talked about them afterwards. I have no doubt this one will do the same. Thanks for these simple and thoughtful games.

    1. I am SO happy you are liking the games and your kids are getting into them! Magical Mayhem in a Mug is a little different mechanic, so maybe next step up, so I hope they enjoy this one too! I’ll also have more StoryGuider games coming out every Monday for a while now as part of a preschool curriculum partnership, so if you’re looking for more of those stay tuned! And I just want to say, your comment seriously made my day – thank you for letting me know I’m having some impact!

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