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Steph C from TTRPGkids and the kiddo!


I am Steph (they/them), and I am the person behind the TTRPGkids site! I manage the site, write the articles and reviews, run the social media, and more here!

I am a parent to an awesome kid (who is my test subject for a lot of the tabletop RPGs that I review), I am an engineering professor who loves teaching project-based classes, and I generally just love playing D&D and other tabletop RPGs with my friends in what spare time I have.

My first tabletop RPG was a one-shot run by a family friend named Dave (it was an AMAZING game), but, with it being a one shot… it kind of ended.  Then, my brother got me hooked on Critical Role and I decided – if no one else would run a game, I should!  It ended up being a great way to connect (and reconnect) with many of my friends, and it was the most amazing creative outlet I could have ever hoped for.  Once my kid was just old enough to start answering questions, I also pulled him into RPG’s using story games, and it has really helped us grow together.

Now, how did I get from that to running this site?  I started TTRPGkids because as I got more into tabletop RPGs with my kid: 

  1. I saw a mix of parents and teachers either asking questions and seeming confused or giving advice and touting the benefits about starting TTRPG’s with kids, but not really finding each other
  2. I saw a lot of creators with cool games for kids while, at the same time, a lot of parents saying they had a hard time finding tabletop RPGs for their kids
  3. I am an engineer who LOVES research projects, and there’s enough data and games out there that I will never have a lack of new things to check out or learn about in the realm of tabletop RPGs

In summary, there was a ton of information around, but people couldn’t always find it, and I was an antsy engineer who liked organizing things. 

TTRPGkids was created as a one-stop shop for me to put my research to use by sharing my knowledge, games, and resources with families, educators, and other creators so they could more easily introduce their kids to these awesome games or make games that were more accessible to kids. 

I’m also dedicated to helping creators have a space where they can be heard and see their projects highlighted and shared, and I’m creating a space for people to connect with others in the gaming industry!

To me, this is another creative outlet (just like D&D) that I hope to share with all of you as we learn to introduce this awesome hobby to our kids.

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