cover for ENI - a tabletop RPG for anyone!

Featured project: ENI, a tabletop RPG system for “any”one and “any” setting!

ENI is an all-ages system that you can use for any type of adventure you can think of! It’s system helps balance player interactions, teaches about cost and reward, and is easy to understand – check it out now as ENI is expanding from digital only into a physical zine!
felt, friendship, and feelings purple puppet

Review of Felt, Friendship, and Feelings, a tabletop RPG with a classic kids show vibe!

Felt, Friendship, and Feelings was a big hit with my 3yo (who loves Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock), and it gave us a really cool way to tell a story together with characters similar to the shows my kid loves.
5e cheat sheets

TTRPGkids Featured Projects: Class Cheat Sheets for 5e

These cheat sheets look like a great way to help 5e players, new and experienced, and especially kids, to plan and understand their 5e characters – everything is laid out and explained on one sheet, with graphics to help with quickly identifying different sections! Check out the Kickstarter if you are thinking of trying out 5e with your kids!
Disaster Hamsters 2 cover page

TTRPGkids Featured Projects: Disaster Hamsters 2!

Disaster Hamsters 2 is now on Kickstarter! Check it out for a kid-friendly 5e supplement where you play as a sentient hamster ready for adventure! Disaster Hamster 2 includes sidebar guides for non-violent problem solving, encourages teamwork, and is also just super cute – check the Kickstarter, and I hope you have fun!