TTRPGkids Crowdfundr wrap up post

The TTRPGkids 2023 Crowdfundr is completed! Check out here for a summary of how things went, next steps, and what this means for the kid-friendly TTRPG community!

TTRPGkids is self-sustaining for 2023!

The TTRPGkids Crowdfundr fully funded (plus a little extra into the stretch goal rewards), allowing TTRPGkids to support itself for the rest of the year! I’m now able to cover the following:

  • Baseline site maintenence costs for 1 year
  • Print copies of Bakers, Charge! and 10 ISBNs (for this and future prints) to give TTRPGkids supporting income through physical game sales at events
  • Booths at local farmer’s markets and city events, GranCon, and UCon where I can share TTRPGkids with more people and generate income to support this resource via physical game sales
  • Travel for SXSW, Origins Game Fair, and GenCon so I can give free talks for people interested in youth and educational focused TTRPGs and/or connect with people outside my current circle so the community can continue to grow

And you helped increase community impact!

Plus, many of the rewards that backers supported will also help the community! From this campaign, contributers donated:

  • Community copy fund: $221 from Inspiring Friends tier + $76 from stretch goal matching = $297, which I’m rounding up to $300. This will add 20 community copies each of:
  • Physical copies of Bakers, Charge! for local libraries: 4

Next up for TTRPGkids

I’ll now be following up on the Crowdfundr by ordering print copies of Bakers, Charge! and contacting backers who registered for shoutouts to get their info for the supporters page (estimated posting in ~2 weeks).

I am also distributing the community copies on the TTRPGkids page and, due to the popularity of the community copy tier, am adding a community copy fund donation to the TTRPGkids ko-fi store.

I will also be seeing you all next at GrandCon Gaming Convention in September for my first convention booth, games, and a talk! If you’re going to be around for the convention, let me know and come say hi!

Thank you for your support!

Thank you ALL for your support whether it was through funding, sharing, or using the resources here, and I look forward to seeing the impact from TTRPGkids continue to grow thanks to your backing this endeavor to improve TTRPG accessibility for younger audiences, integrate TTRPGs into educational settings, and have fun running games with our kids!

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