Featured Project: Inner Realms Journey – The World’s First Guided Meditation RPG

Inner Realms Journey is a guided meditation RPG that has a kid’s program! Practice mindfulness and meditation as you create your character and embark on your journey!

*As a note, the intro for this was written by Steph from TTRPGkids, and the below description was written by the project’s creator

Suggested for ages 8+

Intended for parents, tutors & teachers.

Free Demo at www.IRJSchool.com

What is it?

Inner Realms Journey is a fantasy-themed audio-guided meditation experience that plays like a roleplaying game. We’ve combined the fun of developing a character, adventuring to different lands, and storytelling with easy and powerful visualization techniques. By unlocking the power of your imagination, you’ll enjoy an epic, heroic journey and receive all of the mental, emotional, and physical benefits of meditation. Our immersive meditations use narration, voice actors, cinematic soundscapes, and an expanding storyline to take you on a majikal journey across the Realms. 

The Story

Realms across the Tree of Life are falling to darkness, and the Bifröst bridges that once connected them have nearly disappeared. A shadow has spread, fueled by fear, pain, and sorrow. Only the Avatars lost within the Outer Realm of Earth can restore the balance. In a desperate attempt to save the Realms, an ancient wizard and his allies have found a way to unlock a portal to call forth these heroes, returning their true powers to them. You are one of these Avatars, and your majik is needed. Join the wizard, and become the hero you were meant to be! 

Our Additional Kids Curriculum

We have a 12-Part Curriculum with training for parents, tutors, and educators to help them use Inner Realms Journey as a fun curriculum for creative arts and academic support. It is easily integrated and super flexible for you. The program can be run as a short, one-hour weekly session or as an in-depth curriculum. Take your kids’ group on a journey like never before with this unique experience!

Perfect for children ages eight and above, Inner Realms Journey can provide small and large groups with a foundation based on immersive learning, which inspires creative thinking, emotional intelligence, and positive interactions. Children will love to do research, writing, art, history, science, theater, and other projects that are connected to their personal experiences of the Inner Realms.

Highly Engaging

Your students will be so excited each lesson, and you likely will be too! Our creative adventure experiences inspire new levels of engagement, helping students unlock their imagination and access their unique gifts.

Easy to Implement

Get up and running with minimal prep time thanks to our quick training videos, comprehensive lesson plan, and all the support you need. Our audio meditations are like a story where the child becomes their own hero. Simply press play and let their imagination take it from there. Then pick any of our engaging activities for your children to do. The projects can easily be adjusted in depth and complexity by the age of the children.

Activities Included in the Curriculum

  • Meditation Adventures
  • Simple optional game rules with points and dice
  • Writing
  • Art
  • Research
  • Nature
  • Science
  • Vocabulary
  • Theater/Role Play
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • History & Mythology
  • Math

How it Works

Each lesson has a meditation (from 12-30 minutes) for children to listen to. Once the meditation is completed, we have a wide selection of activities the children can complete, each inspired by their experiences and creations within the meditation. For example, after listening to the “Unlock Your Avatar” Journey, we offer art, writing, research, theater, and many other projects related to what was created during that audio Journey. The depth of the curriculum is highly customizable to your setting and can be used as little as an hour a week, or be used extensively as a foundation for schooling. Our collection of activities empowers kids and brings a new level of excitement and engagement to education. 

Works In Any Setting

  • At school, home school, or childcare
  • Workshops
  • Support for other academic studies
  • Fun extracurricular activity
  • Family bonding
  • Mental & emotional health
  • Creative Arts programs

Learn more and access the free curriculum demo at www.IRJSchool.com

Try the meditation journey free at www.InnerRealmsJourney.com 

We are also launching our new Guidebook & Avatar Journal that can be used by each player to track their creations and journeys. Visit www.IRJBook.com for details and to back the Kickstarter!

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