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Featured Project: Tattered Bear, an all-ages TTRPG publishing company!

Tattered Bear is an Independent Publishing House established to support the development of family-friendly Tabletop Role Playing Games and adjacent projects. Read here to find out more!

So…. what is Tattered Bear’s mission exactly?

Tattered Bear‘s mission is to offer a bespoke production and publishing service to independent creators within the TTRPG industry to expand the availability of products supporting all-ages and educational gaming. We’re offering services to creators from consultation to marketing and crowdfunding support to production assistance, and more!

Why have an all-ages specific TTRPG publishing company?

Having an all-ages TTRPG focused publishing services is important for growing the all-ages TTRPG community and supporting quality games that are available for families, classes, and for just having fun that really hone in on being accessible to everyone, specifically kids.

When it comes to making a TTRPG for kids, there’s quite a few differences from making a TTRPG for adults… and our team has unique experience with understanding those differences. Game creation begs for alternative topics, mechanics, accessibility, playtesting, etc to be available to a wider range of ages, but then, from the side of getting your work out there, it’s a totally different audience from what a general TTRPG publisher is used to targeting. That audience of parents, teachers, and facilitators connects with social media differently, has different goals, and has different means than an audience comprised of individuals looking for games for their friend group.

We bring experience from our games, connections, and successful crowdfunds, specific to all-ages gaming, that allows for us to help you both make and distribute your game for this distinct audience.

You mentioned your XP with all-ages gaming… who exactly is bringing that XP?

Our team is comprised of Rich from Hatchling Games, Scriv the Bard of Bard RPG, Josh from Art of Arklin, and Steph from TTRPGkids! (you can find our info on the Tattered Bear site here)

Our team has experience with writing several games that have successfully crowdfunded, creating both physical and digital release TTRPGs, conducting all-ages TTRPG research and playtesting, and supporting a continually growing community of people seeking all-ages games. After working on our own projects and building our knowledge base, we now want to share that XP with you.

Awesome! Now, what is it that Tattered Bear offers?

Tattered Bear is offering a la carte services for consulting, marketing, crowdfunding, and production. This means you can pick and choose which elements you want help with and we’ll provide just that so you can adjust to both your needs and your means.

Our team has all been in the indie TTRPG creator space and knows that there’s a big difference in effort and budget for publishing a 100 page fully illustrated physical game book via crowdfunding and self-publishing a 20 page digital-only zine. Having resources that fit the needs and budgets for both is critical to creating a thriving and diverse all-ages TTRPG community, so we have an adjustable menu that lets you get what you need for your specific project.

Sounds great! Where can I find out more and see what you’re working on?

You can find more info on the Tattered Bear website where you can contact us about your project, subscribe for updates (like word on our latest games or a call for submissions), and find out more details about what specific services Tattered Bear is offering!

We hope to hear from you BEAR-y soon (sorry… needed at least one bear pun)!

Tattered Bear

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