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Tips and Tricks: DIY dice roller crafts you can do with kids!

My kiddo will get VERY enthusiastic about rolling dice while we play and… half the time they end up across the room with the cat batting and chasing them under the couch. Here’s a few dice roller crafts that I’ve made with kiddo to help keep the dice on or near the table and help with tracking which ones to use!

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Interview: Adam of Game to Grow and Critical Core!

I had a wonderful talk with Adam, about both Game to Grow, a non-profit organization that uses therapeutic gaming to help youth, and Critical Core, a 5e based game specifically designed for building social skills and confidence through gaming. This was a great chat, I learned quite a bit about educational gaming, and I am happy to share our discussion with you!

TTRPGkids game review: Gangs Jr.

Gangs Jr. was my first foray into playing wargame style TTRPG’s, and it actually worked really well as an introduction for myself, in addition to being a lot of fun for my kid.  We ran a very fun water balloon fight across a map covered in blocks and toys, and loved the simplified system for getting both a newcomer and a little one into a new type of gaming.
Dino Riderz!

TTRPGkids review: Dino Riderz by Family Fantasy RPG

Dino Riderz is another awesome game setting released by Family Fantasy RPG, this one focusing on… dinosaurs! The Family Fantasy RPG system is a tabletop role-playing game designed for all ages, stepping in difficulty depending on your child’s age and including lots of awesome additional activities to complete during these storybook style adventures!

5 Tips and Tricks for Tracking Spells and Magic in Kid’s Tabletop Role-Playing Games

As an adult, I sometimes have a hard time keeping track of all my spells both when I’m a player or when I’m a DM.  There’s a bunch of weird names, specific casting rules and descriptions, spells lots, spell levels, etc.  It can be even harder for kids, especially when they can’t read, so they need to at least sort of remember what they can do.  Here are some tips to help with that!