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Practicing the engineering problem solving process using tabletop RPGs

As an engineer and engineering professor, I know how critical problem solving skills are for work, students, and just life in general…. and tabletop RPGs are a great way to hone and practice those skills in a very fun way that fosters a positive outlook when faced with a challenge! Read on for a discussion on problem solving skills, a fun example about a dragon lair heist, and how TTRPGs apply can help develop these skills through practice!
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How to propose classroom tabletop RPGs to your school

Almost as often as I see people talk about the benefits of using tabletop RPGs to teach, I see people talking about how difficult it is to get it approved for classroom use.  This article goes over how I was able to get some TTRPG elements approved for my class and gives ideas to help you submit a successful proposal to your administration.
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Tips and tricks: Recovering from moody situations at the TTRPG table… especially with kids

Sometimes, the game is rolling along and everything seems fine… then suddenly it isn’t.  One of your kids or players gets upset over a bad roll or they appear to flip a switch and disengage completely.  What do you do now?  Here’s some tips for how to recover from certain moods and conflicts at the TTRPG table with your kids.
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Tips and Tricks: For when kids want to go “villain mode” in your tabletop RPG

So, you’ve picked a non-combat game, you have a nice exploration plot planned, you start the first session, and, as you come to a town, your kid casts fireball and wants to BURN IT DOWN!

What do you do?

I’ve been asked similar questions a few times, either on social media or via email, and I wanted to share my personal experience in running games with my kid to help you get some ideas for how to deal with kids wanting to go villain mode.

TTRPGkids tips and tricks for running a 1-1 TTRPG session

Tips and tricks for running 1-1 tabletop RPG and D&D games with kids

Running a 1-1 game does come with its own challenges, but it also comes with some cool new elements and perspectives for your game.  I’ve run tabletop RPGs for a group of seven players and I’ve run them for just one player – here are some of the differences I’ve seen and tips for how to handle them!
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Tips and tricks: Using item cards in your tabletop RPGs!

One of the main issues I run into when playing either with my kid or my regular tabletop RPG groups is keeping track of and using our items.  We all LOVE to get loot or stash away health potions for a rainy day, but, when they’re written on the character sheet along with everything else, they can get kind of lost or hard to track.  Also, you may have the name of the item written down… but then you gotta look up details in the book when you do remember to use it, and that can slow the game down.  To help, here’s some loot card ideas that you can use to assist with both tracking items and making items easier to use!