Review of Time Tails RPG (and Cozy Companion magazine)

Time Tails is a time-travel themed TTRPG that was featured in Snowbright’s game and fiction magazine, Cozy Companion, which dives into world lore, all-ages activities, and educational themes that are great for kids and adults alike!  Check out Time Tails RPG here and get a bit of an extra peek of what’s up with Cozy Companion!

TTRPGs for kids: The “Good Enough” session

I have read about, received messages from, and talked with several families and educators who are hesitant to start TTRPGs with their kids because they’re stressed about getting all the steps right.

While some concern is great (because it means that you’re thinking about it and trying to do well for the kids), it is also sometimes better to have a “good enough” session that actually happens versus a “perfect” session that stays in the planning phase.

Review: ArithMagine, a numeracy practice TTRPG system

ArithMagine is a TTRPG system, made to pair with Stories RPG, for practicing numeracy skills!  It’s a fun ruleset for playing with math in a dynamic and creative way that connects with the story that you make together.  It’s also easy to fit into a class or school program with its rules-lite set up and flexibility to fit with any adventure.

Review of Let’s Roll: A Guide to Setting up Tabletop Role-Playing Games in your School or Public Library

Let’s Roll is a guide for librarians to introduce youth tabletop RPG groups in their communities and schools!  This book is written by a librarian for librarians and explains everything from how to propose a program to what TTRPGs you should try with your group to how to run your first game.  Check it out for tips, case study examples, and more!
How TTRPGs have helped my 5yo kid and me

How Tabletop RPGs have helped my 5yo kid and me

In 2021, I posted an article about how TTRPGs have helped my kid (then 3yo) and me.  At that time, we had been playing TTRPGs for about 6 months and had tried out 8 games.  Now, we’ve been playing TTRPGs for 2.5 years and have tried out close to 80 games together!  With that growth, I think it’s about time to give an update on how TTRPGs have continued to help both my kid and me.

Featured project: Stories by Maikel Yarimizu

I’ve reviewed Princess of the Pizza Parlor, a series about a group of kids playing TTRPGs together with thier GM uncle, previously and loved the premise! Now, Michael (aka Maikel Yarimizu), is working on funding future writing projects with Princesses of the Pizza Parlor as part of the rewards!