Interview with Brendan co-owner of Magpie Games

I had the chance to chat with Brendan about his experiences with TTRPGs since he was a kid and about all the wonderful RPGs he’s created and been part of. He shares his XP with us here as we talk about Avatar Legends, Root RPG, Masks: A New Generation, and his personal words of advice and wisdom.

Tips and Tricks: Using Wrapping Paper to Make TTRPG Encounter Maps

This tips and tricks article goes over how to make easy TTRPG encounter maps using grid marked wrapping paper!  From having a low cost and transportable 2D map to adding consistent grids on 3D map elements, I’ll share what I use for in-person game sessions here!

Review of Rolling With the Youth

Rolling With the Youth by Jaclyn Lewis is a fantastic guide for anyone facilitating youth-focused TTRPGs.  Walking you through the steps of how to run a game while tackling the nuance of working with kids and teens, it is perfect for getting ready for after school programs, library sessions, or games with your kid’s friends.

Review of the Luciana Witherwood adventure in Tavern Tales, plus a highlight on helpful TTRPG tools

Tavern Tales is a D&D 5e compatible adventure setting and book that, I believe, is generally made for older kids or grown-ups, however… it does include a very kid-friendly adventure that shows how TTRPGs aimed at all-ages accessibility can be just as exciting as any other quest, AND, as a whole book, features several tools and aides to help with gameplay that I haven’t seen in many kid-focused TTRPGs but that could add quite a bit to the experience and allow several other adventures in the book to potentially be used with players ages 8+.  

TTRPGkids on Ludology Podcast, Episode 8: The Benefits of Playing TTRPGs With Kids

In this episode of TTRPGkids on Ludology Podcast, I talk about the MANY benefits of using TTRPGs with kids, which can help with explaining why to integrate into a curriculum or convince other families to join in your games!

Review of Holiday Respite, a TTRPG for reflecting on the adventure’s you’ve already had

I got to try out Holiday Respite as part of the Bear Hugs 2023 charity stream and had a GREAT time playing it with the creator herself!  Check out my review here to see how its look-back storytelling helps with reflection and makes for a great holiday game for all ages.