I Went to the North Pole Once cover image

Review of I Went to the North Pole Once, a tabletop RPG about creating a holiday adventure!

I Went to the North Pole Once is a rules-lite prompt based roleplaying game that’s all about making up a story about a trip to the North Pole!  Roll for random prompts that you use to create your winter wonderland story!
TTRPG item card for a queen's crown - held up on a stand made from Ti'Tains

Tips and tricks: Using item cards in your tabletop RPGs!

One of the main issues I run into when playing either with my kid or my regular tabletop RPG groups is keeping track of and using our items.  We all LOVE to get loot or stash away health potions for a rainy day, but, when they’re written on the character sheet along with everything else, they can get kind of lost or hard to track.  Also, you may have the name of the item written down… but then you gotta look up details in the book when you do remember to use it, and that can slow the game down.  To help, here’s some loot card ideas that you can use to assist with both tracking items and making items easier to use!