homemade tabletop RPG minis

Tips and Tricks: Quick and easy tabletop game mini crafts for kids

Minis are awesome props to use when playing TTRPG’s, but there’s always some problems with bumping the board or potential for breaking them. Here are some alternative minis crafts and suggestions that can help you bring minis to the table and help engage your kids!
Dad's and Dragons tabletop RPG podcast logo

Interview: Dad’s & Dragons tabletop RPG podcast hosts, Jamie and Lawrence

I interviewed Jamie and Lawrence from the Dad’s & Dragons podcast! I have been listening to their podcast for months, and it was very awesome to get the chance to chat. We talked about how they got into D&D, how they have been playing D&D with their families, and their approach to gaming with their kids!
Dino Ninja tabletop roleplaying game cover

Dino Ninja – an action packed dino tabletop RPG for kids!

Dino Ninja was a fun and engaging game to play with my kid! It was easy for my child to connect with, and the mechanics were quick to pick up in the first game session. This is a great game for anyone looking for some dino tabletop top RPG action adventures!