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Interview with Katie Lear, counselor, therapist, and founder of Young Dragonslayers!

Katie Lear is an experienced child counselor and therapist who combined her profession with her childhood love of theater and newfound love of TTRPGs to create Young Dragonslayers, an online D&D group for kids! Find out more about her XP, advice, and awesome work with Young Dragonslayers here!
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How to propose classroom tabletop RPGs to your school

Almost as often as I see people talk about the benefits of using tabletop RPGs to teach, I see people talking about how difficult it is to get it approved for classroom use.  This article goes over how I was able to get some TTRPG elements approved for my class and gives ideas to help you submit a successful proposal to your administration.
TTRPGkids Tips and Tricks Recovering from a Moody Table with orange and yellow dice in the background of the title words

Tips and tricks: Recovering from moody situations at the TTRPG table… especially with kids

Sometimes, the game is rolling along and everything seems fine… then suddenly it isn’t.  One of your kids or players gets upset over a bad roll or they appear to flip a switch and disengage completely.  What do you do now?  Here’s some tips for how to recover from certain moods and conflicts at the TTRPG table with your kids.