Coming to Backerkit in July: A Construct’s Nature, a narrated solo-journaling TTRPG by TTRPGkids

Get ready for A Construct’s Nature, a narrated solo-journaling TTRPG by TTRPGkids, coming to Backerkit this July!

A Construct’s Nature is a solo-journaling TTRPG following the path of a newly awakened being in an overgrown world sparked with magic.  Discover who they are, uncover the land’s mysteries, create connections in unexpected places, and explore what having a purpose can mean. 

This game features an audio narrated slideshow that walks you through a physical 200+ page colorable journal with hand drawn illustrations.  Additionally digital game copies and campaign stretch goals to add classroom use guides will be available.

The campaign will also include options for library/school donations, educational game sponsorships, and physical copies of other games and resources by TTRPGkids!

Sign up for pre-launch today to support this project and prepare to start your own adventure soon!

Find the page here, and follow along to support the project!

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