Launching June 2024 on Crowdfundr: TTRPGkids Solarpunk Summer Pop-Up Shop!

TTRPGkids is funding the site for the next year while offering up four solarpunk themed games, educational game sponsorships, and more as rewards! Check it out to get discounts on new releases, pick up some fun perks, and support the resource!

Want to skip right to the Crowdfundr page? Find it here!

Why support funding for the site?

TTRPGkids is an ENnie awarded web resource that’s ALL about using TTRPGs with and for kids!   

The TTRPGkids website includes over 400 articles and resources pages on all-ages friendly TTRPGs so familieseducatorsfacilitators, and friend groups can find everything that they need in one place.  It also features work from and supports hundreds of creators throughout the community by raising awareness about their projects.

This is all publicly available and free for the community to use.

Free to use does not mean free to run

I offer this to the community for free use because I want it to help people

However… there are costs involved with running this website, especially as it has grown and required more advanced systems to help with web securitysite responsivenessspam managementcreation tools, and more.

Funds raised from selling games and having site sponsors are what keep this site going, so that’s why we’re here on Crowdfundr!

I want to continue offering this resource for a long time to come and at a quality that the community deserves, and your support is a huge part of that!

Your support makes a huge difference!

In 2023, the community rallied to support TTRPGkids with covering site costs through a Crowdfundr, very similar to this, and it provided the funds to keep the site going and improve it! 

Thanks to that impact, TTRPGkids was able to cover a full year’s site costs, run convention booths where I got to interact with the community, and give talks at conferences where I reached A LOT more people!

Now, it’s running again as a yearly event to both support the site for the next year and to give you an opportunity to get some cool rewards on discount!

Why pick solarpunk games for this campaign?

I chose to use my solarpunk games for this year’s theme because it’s something that I believe in and pursue through TTRPGkids

Often times, when people talk about “solarpunk”, it evokes thoughts of bright green fields tended to by solar powered machines under a crystal clear blue sky or a gleaming futuristic city with foliage sprawling down from the roofs of pristine buildings amidst skyways of flying cars and motorbikes.

While I LOVE the aesthetic, solarpunk is also something that we can actually see in places now.  It’s the interconnectedness of nature, community, and technology, and I want TTRPGkids to be part of that.

I do what I can with TTRPGkids to support the community with the technology that I have access to, and I try to foster a love of nature and the world through my games. 

Sign up to support and get cool rewards!

I’ll be revealing the games included in the Crowdfundr campaign slowly up until launch day – they’re going to include print versions of two games already released in digital format AND two totally new TTRPGs!

To keep up with the reveals and support the campaign when it launches, please sign up on the pre-launch page here!

Want to support before launch?

Prior to the official launch, I’m also raising funds on ko-fi (includes donations AND shop purchases, which I will manually add to the goal) and through a TTRPGkids digital bundle (more than 50% off all TTRPGkids digital games) – anything earned from these two sources before the end of the campaign will also go towards the campaign to support the resource and stretch goals!

Thank you for your support, happy gaming, and….

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