TTRPGkids is going to SXSW EDU in March 2024!

Steph from TTRPGkids is going to be at SXSW EDU 2024 from March 4-7 running a talk, being part of the mentorship program, and checking out the awesome work of other educators! Check out here for details and where to go to sign up!

What is SXSW EDU?

SXSW EDU is a yearly educational conference held in Austin, TX ahead of the SXSW film, music, and media festival. This conference highlights the latest in educational research, methods, and technology and includes talks, media showcases, mentorship sessions, and more.

What is TTRPGkids doing at SXSW EDU? What other events to look out for?

Steph from TTRPGkids is giving a talk on “Teaching Engineering Problem Solving Through Tabletop RPGs” that goes over how TTRPGs reinforce problem solving and can be used with engineering students to practice their skills.

They are also going to be part of the 1:1 mentorship program where individuals can sign up for a short session to talk shop about educational TTRPG applications and self publishing!

If you’re interested in educational TTRPGs (which you probably are if you’ve gotten this far), another event to keep an eye on is the D&D in Schools talk that includes members from Wizards of the Coast. It’s unrelated to what TTRPGkids is going, but I fully encourage checking it out to get more info and perspectives on TTRPGs and EDU. Their talk is the same day as mine, only a few hours before, so it works well if you want to chain together a couple of TTRPG EDU talks for the afternoon of March 6.

How do I sign up for SXSW EDU and the TTRPGkids events?

To sign up for SXSW EDU, you’ll need to sign up for a badge via the SXSW EDU page and then can attend the event! It’s held in Austin, TX from March 4-7 and individual sessions do not need pre-registration unless stated by SXSW EDU. The TTRPGkids sessions do not need pre-registration other than you getting your badge.

Thank you for checking out the TTRPGkids convention schedule, and I hope to see you there! If you’ll be stopping by and want to chat, you can let me know ahead of time by emailing me at, and, if you’d like to help support TTRPGkids, please check out my ko-fi page here! My current ko-fi goal is raising funds to publish my first book based on the work I’ve been doing on TTRPGkids, and any funds raised after that will go towards supporting the trip! Thank you again, and see you around!

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