Featured Project: Delve & Seek, a search and find adventure!

Delve & Seek, by the same Dice Up Games who made Familiar Finders and Color My Quest, is going to Kickstarter in January! They have a new search and find style adventure that looks great for kids of any age.

*As a note, the intro is written by Steph from TTRPGkids, and the article was written by the project’s creator since content is in pre-release/crowdfundinand is edited/approved by TTRPGkids for the site

Join the Delvers Guild with this all new 38 page fantasy themed hidden object picture book. With 12 colorful locations, from lava lairs to icy dungeons, Delve & Seek will provide hours of fun. Created by the team behind Finding Familiars, Tim Devine and Leo Assis, Delve & Seek will be an exciting adventure for families! 

In Delve & Seek readers will help find Delvin, a wise yet forgetful wizard, who is on a quest to find brave heroes to join his new guild. Each hero can be found in a different, dangerous location. Find each Hero and help them complete their individual quests so that by the end you’ll have helped Delvin find them all! The Book will also have many other bonus hidden objects to seek and find, funny letters from Delvin and more.

Aside from the beautifully illustrated picture book, there will also be a Delve & Seek Coloring Book, featuring Delvin, the Heroes and more from the book! This makes a wonderful companion to the picture book and would be wonderful for coloring at restaurants or on vacation. 

The Kickstarter is already a “Project We Love” and part of the Make 100 event! You can back the book at digital levels or physical, ranging from $10 to $40 and there are a bunch of cool add ons. There is also a limited edition level that gets you everything plus a limited edition art print of a dungeon! 

Go check it out now at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/diceupgames/delve-and-seek 

If you are fans of tabletop roleplaying games, especially family friendly ones, then you may have heard of games like Color My Quest, Adorablins or Questlings. Well one of the creators of those games is writing family friendly adventures to use for any TTRPG you like and releasing them on Patreon! Go check out the Delvers Guild over on www.patreon.com/DelversGuild where every month Tim Devine and Leo Assis are releasing colorful adventures, activity pages and more! It just started but by joining you get all the content they’ve already released and all new content to come… They even have something fun planned during the Kickstarter for Delve & Seek

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