Coming soon! Making a Tabletop RPG for YOUR Particular Kid by Steph from TTRPGkids

Launching Jan 16 for ZiMo2024: Making a Tabletop RPG for YOUR Particular Kid by Steph from TTRPGkids!

TTRPGkids is funding a book on Making a Tabletop RPG for YOUR Particular Kid! This guide for families and writers walks you through creating a kid-specific TTRPG from the condensed knowledge of the over 350 articles from the ENnie awarded resource!

The book is FUNDED!! Thank you all for your support, and you can find post-campaign details, include where to get the book, here!!

TTRPGkids is an ENnie awarded web resource that’s ALL about using TTRPGs with and for kids, and I want to share that XP with you so you can make your own games and explore this wonderful world of all-ages TTRPGs with your own children, classes, or readers! This new book, Making a Tabletop RPG for YOUR Particular Kid: A Guide for Family, Friends, and Facilitators, is aimed to help you make your own kid-specific TTRPG stemming from all the articles on TTRPGkids.

Making a Tabletop RPG for YOUR Particular Kid is the condensed knowledge of over 350 articles from the ENnie awarded

Based on my experience playing and reviewing over 100 all-ages TTRPGs from other creators to see what does and doesn’t work, writing 50+ of my own kid-friendly TTRPG titles, publishing close to 50 tips and tricks articles to help families and creators with gameplay and design, and interviewing dozens of experts from the all-ages TTRPG community, I am condensing all that knowledge into one book for your easy use.

This guide book will walk you through the steps needed to create your own setting, mechanics, and overall game that hone in on what is actually going to be interesting, manageable, and needed in a TTRPG for young players.

Making a Tabletop RPG for YOUR Particular Kid will be a 50 – 60 page book (dependent on stretch goals) broken into focused sections that cover:

  1. What is a TTRPG?
  2. Why play TTRPGs with kids?
  3. Getting on the same page
  4. Picking a setting
  5. Making player characters
  6. Creating NPCs and encounters
  7. Choosing mechanics
  8. Actual gameplay
  9. Introducing applied elements (stretch goal bonus chapter)
  10. Example game frames (stretch goal bonus chapter)
Your support can provide you with this resource and help create resources for others to make more TTRPGs with and for kids!

Rewards for backing this book

You can get a copy for yourself or help bring this project to life so others can use this resource to help kids with TTRPGs! 

Pricing for this campaign will reflect the cost of the base version but will include any stretch goals at no additional cost – if stretch goals are achieved, the post-campaign price for the book may be higher than what’s listed during initial funding, so reserve your copy in advance!

Rewards will include the following with pricing to be announced at launch:

  • Community copy fund support
  • Digital PDF copy
  • B&W and color printed copies
  • Library donations
  • Bakers, Charge! physical prints
  • Virtual consultation with TTRPGkids
  • TTRPGkids ALL THE GAMES bundle
  • Permanent article sponsorships
  • Seller agreement bundles

Stretch goals for this campaign

Stretch goals will be formally announced with more details over the next month and will include the addition of guest writers, bonus book sections, additional art, and a webinar walkthrough of the Making a Tabletop RPG for YOUR Particular Kid 1-page guide!

Art for this book, including the cover and boarders used in this campaign page, were done by Leo Assis.

Supporting the campaign before launch

This campaign is currently in pre-launch, but you can sign up to get notified now on kick-off by subscribing on the TTRPGkids Crowdfundr pre-launch page OR by signing up for the TTRPGkids monthly newsletter. Campaign support on day one really helps determine the success of a project, so subscribing now to get ready for launch has a big impact.

If you’d like to directly support the campaign ahead of it going live, anything that I earn on ko-fi between know and launch day will go towards initial funding for the campaign. Any level ups (i.e. donations), monthly subscriptions, or payments for consulting, features, and playtesting will be added to the posted ko-fi goal and will be transferred to the Crowdfundr campaign on day one.

If you’d like more of a preview, you can also check out my free 1-pager and mini 4 page quick start guides here on – any tips received from the quick start guides will also go towards the pre-campaign funding.

Thank you for your support!

And thank you for checking out this project, playing TTRPGs with kids, making TTRPGs for kids, and helping to create more resources for youth-focused TTRPGs!  I appreciate your interest in using or supporting this book, and I hope that both this book and the website can help you find the info that you need for your games! Please remember to sign up on the Crowdfundr page here to get notified on launch, and happy gaming!!

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