Crowdfundr’s 2024 Tabletop Non-Stop: register today and get ready for some awesome TTRPG projects!

TTRPGkids is an event partner for Crowdfundr’s upcoming Tabletop Non-Stop (TTNS) event! Check here to get registration details, and keep an eye out for a whole bunch of new TTRPG projects coming soon, which I’ll be helping to highlight through TTRPGkids!

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What is Tabletop Non-Stop 2024?

From Feb 1 to Feb 29, Crowdfundr is hosting their Tabletop Non-Stop event where they’ll be paying special attention to indie TTRPG creators and supporting Zine Month 2024!

During this special event, Crowdfundr will be focusing on tabletop gaming projects, featuring creators in highlights throughout the event, and giving special support to TTRPG creators who are funding their projects during this time.

This is a great opportunity for creators to showcase and fund their upcoming projects AND for TTRPG afficiandos to gain access to a whole bunch of awesome games (many of which will probably have early bird specials or pre-release pricing) all in one spot.

How to participate for Tabletop Non-Stop 2024?

For creators:

To participate in TTNS 2024, creators can sign up here on Crowdfundr to register their interest in funding a project during this time. Once you register, a teammember from Crowdfundr should contact your or you’ll get more info from the Crowdfundr team to help get you set up for the event. From there, I would recommend that you also check out the webinars and support materials on the site in the creator hub since there is a wealth of information there that can help you set up your project, especially if it’s your first event like this.

For TTRPG afficiandos:

I would recommend that you follow Crowdfundr and keep an eye out here, on TTRPGkids, for a heads up on projects that will be participating in the event so you can get in on early bird rewards and see what cool projects are coming out!

Crowdfundr will be sharing upcoming and launched campaigns for the event on their social media, and TTRPGkids will also be highlighting and sharing (in addition to launching their own project) any kid-friendly TTRPG projects that are funding during this time.

How is TTRPGkids involved in Tabletop Non-Stop 2024?

TTRPGkids is an event partner with Crowdfundr, which means that I am working with the Crowdfundr team to help share the work of kid-friendly TTRPG creators who are participating in the event. TTRPGkids is helping creators get in contact with the Crowdfundr team, giving some general support to creators who are new to Crowdfundr, and boosting projects that I feel comfortable sharing and supporting. I will also be participating in one of the event’s preparation webinars to help creators get more info about running a successful TTRPG-related Crowdfundr campaign!

TTRPGkids is also going to be funding their own project for a guide to help with making kid-friendly TTRPGs for either publication or for person homebrew games! This guide will be based on my XP from TTRPGkids, which includes playing, reviewing, and/or writing about over 100 kid-friendly TTRPGs and writing and publishing 50+ of my own games.

Details on my project for the event are coming soon, and I’m excited to share both this project and to partner with Crowdfundr during this awesome event!

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