TTRPGkids nominated for an ENNIE in Best Online Content!

*Voting is now live – consider all nominees and cast your votes here!*

TTRPGkids has been nominated for an ENNIE!

The ENNIE Awards are fan-based awards that recognize creators for their work in the TTRPG space! The final winners are selected based on popular vote by the public.

I am incredibly honored to be nominated, especially with the other nominees that were selected in this list!

I’ve posted almost 300 articles in the past 2.5 years highlighting both indie creators and general resources in the youth-focused TTRPG space, and I hope that this nomination can help to showcase the awesome kid-friendly TTRPGs that are out there and get more families, classrooms, libraries, and friend groups trying out TTRPGs together!

Stay tuned for updates (I’ll be highlighting other nominated projects that I’m familiar with like Color My Quest and Princess Guard closer to voting day too) and watch out for voting, which starts July 14!

When voting, please also make sure to check out all the other nominees in the online content category – everyone there has some amazing work and deserves to have their work seen and considered as well.

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