TTRPGkids will be a regular spot on Ludology Podcast! Check out Episode 1 now!

For the next year, TTRPGkids will be hosting a monthly show on Ludology Podcast where I’ll be chatting about making games adaptable for kids, using TTRPGs for education, highlighting some cool games, and more! Check out here for the link to Episode 1!

Ludology podcast is a discussion-based show about the hows and whys of tabletop games! They have longer form episodes every other week, and, one of the off weeks each month, we’ll be having the TTRPGkids show! These shorter episodes will cover topics that are focused on tabletop RPGs for kids and youth, and I’m excited to share the link to the first episode here!

In Episode 1, I talk about adjusting TTRPG mechanics to fit kid’s interests and needs while still maintaining the integrity and feel of the game for the other players. It’s based on one of my earlier articles (which you can find here), and I hope it gives you some ideas to try out in your games!

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