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20 spooky (but not too scary) tabletop RPGs for kids!

Trying to find the right level of scary for kids in a tabletop RPG can be tough – a lot of the spooky games out there are fairly far on the slider.
To help with finding a happy medium, check out here for some awesome spooky (but not too scary) tabletop RPGs for kids!
Glyfi - a diceless tabletop RPG SRD for all ages

Glyfi: a diceless tabletop game SRD for all ages!

Glyfi (pronounced like glyph-ee) is a diceless tabletop RPG system for playing tabletop RPGs with all ages, from kids who can’t yet read or do math to adults who want a rules-lite but epic game! Glyfi uses printable tokens for randomization instead of dice (so no worries about kids and small pieces), and is free for anyone to use for making their own games off this system! Check it out, and I hope you enjoy playing and creating with Glyfi!
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30+ simple tabletop RPGs that work for little kids!

There are a lot of tabletop RPGs that are listed for ages 7+ or 8+, but… there are actually a lot for younger kids too.  For this list, I wanted to highlight some games that focus on skills for kids 6 and under so you can have an easier time picking one that works for your particular kid!